Biography of Maria Gripe

María Gripe was a Swedish author of books for children and young people. She was born as Maja Stina Walter the 25th of July, 1923 in Vaxholm, Sweden, and died the 5th of April, 2007 in an old people's home in Rönninge, near Stockholm.

When she was six years old she moved from Vaxholm to Örebro, and after living there for several years she moved to Stockholm, where she finished high school and attended university. She studied Philosophy and History of Religions. She took the surname of her husband, the artist Harald Gripe. They got married in 1946 and he would draw the illustrations for many of her books. Their daughter, Camila Gripe, is a writer and a translator. Maria Gripe lived most of her adult life in Nyköping, where the film based onAgnes Cecilia was shot.

Maria Gripe's works often mix realism with magical or surrealistic elements, while highlighting the deepness and complexity of children's world.

Honors and Awards

1963 - Nils Holgersson Plaque for Hugo and Josephine.
1966 - Expressens Heffaklump (first edition of this award) for Hugo.
1966 - Lewis Caroll Shelf Award for Pappa Pellerin's Daughter.
1966 - New York Herald Tribune Spring Festival Honor Book Award for Pappa Pellerin's Daughter.
1972 - Astrid Lindgren award.
1974 - Hans Christian Andersen medal.
1977 - Hjalmar Bergman award.
1979 - Doblougska award.
1981 - Metalls kulturpris.
1982 - Litteraturfrämjandets stora barnbokspris, together with Harald Gripe.
1982 - Premio Nacional del Ministerio de Cultura Español.
1983 - Jeremias i Tröstlösa award.
1985 - Nordiska skolbibliotekarieföreningens barnbokspris.
1986 - Wettergrens barnbokollon, together with Harald Gripe.
1992 - Allmänna Barnbördshusets stora pris.

Maria Gripe in pictures

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