Disclaimer and credits

This site is run by Calítoe.:.

No matter how much I wished it, but I never met Maria Gripe, I only know a part of her works. I've never been in touch with anyone of her closer environment either, so don't write to me as if I were her (she died in 2007) or someone close to her. I'm just an admirer, and I built this fanlisting to join together people who share an interest for her works.

The layout for this fanlisting is based on a templage by Boris Cherny that I destroyed using Notepad++.

The images on the left column are promotional pictures of Maria Gripe and a collage I made in Gimp using two images: one is the paint 'Ophelia', by Millais, that was found in Artrenewal; the other is a picture of the Castle of Neuschwanstein in Germany taken from Beautiful Wallpapers.

The script I use for managing the listing and the buttons is my modification of BellaBuffs.

No copyright infrigement and no ofense intented. If I've broken any laws, please warn me and I'll try to solve the problem asap.